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Featuring Author Jann Doe’s Book *Every Love* @JannDoe1 @Shalini_G26 #review

Welcome to my review stop on this blog tour for Jann Doe’s book of poetry ~Every Love~ the tour was organized by Shalini at Digital Reads Blog Tours.


Love can be wholesome,

Healthy and pure.

It can also be deadly,

Of this I am sure.

I’ve experienced many,

I’ve opened my door.

Of all the love that I’ve held

There’s one thing I know,

Ain’t no one has loved

Quite like me… Jann Doe.

EVERY LOVE is a collection of poetry covering my own experiences in love. From abuse, to affair, to healthy commitment, I’ve experienced the dynamics of love… even suicide has played a part. The name ‘Jann Doe’ is to protect myself and my family from my own mistakes and history, given the parts of me that love has touched.

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~ My Thoughts ~

I have never been asked to review a book of poetry before, and I have not read any poetry since I was in high school, so it has been a long while for me descending back into this genre, but well worth it.

When I started reading the first few poems in Jann’s book the pain and sorrow blew me away the book is actually broken down in sections, so as I read I found the poems to be a personal journey of first love, unhealthy love, and betrayal.

You can feel the hurt and sadness in each toxic and unhealthy relationship poem. Moreover, almost a sense of relief and happiness as healthy relationship poems take hold. As I said it is a personal journey, but I believe some of you will find these poems touching a part of your own lives.

I would recommend this book of poems to every woman who has loved and lost.




*See You*

What is this burn,

This terrible stab,

My heart stuck,

It steps back,

Too shocked to beat,

I shrink when I see you,

My first heavy blow,

Of life, and of men,

But how could I know,

Should’ve listened,

Could’ve ran,

But for you, I stood ground,

And for what,

To see you and her, hand in hand?


I’m your poison, Your lust, Your vision, Your cage. You swallow me down, Drink me away. You pull me right back, Just can’t keep me gone, You love me too much, I’m your freedom, Your rage.

-EVERY LOVE, by Jann Doe



About Jann Doe

Jann Doe is a poet who recognizes and accepts her authenticity as a woman and encourages other women to do the same. Everyone has their burdens to carry, their flaws to accept, and their strengths to pride themselves on. Jann’s goal as a poet is to speak out on behalf of other women across the globe to love themselves for who they truly are. No one is perfect, nor should we be. It’s imperative that we as women accept ourselves, and live for tomorrow… not by ignoring our past but by learning from it and growing because of it. 

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